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TLC Chilli (@officialchilli) Launches Stop Cyber Bullying

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Dear Friend,
 I hope you will take a moment to read the letter in the link below from my client Chilli, from the group TLC. Recently the group has been in the headlines with the success of the VH1 biopic and we appreciate the constant support for TLC and their projects. However, MediaTakeOut.com has repeatedly attacked Chilli’s 16 year old son. I spoke with him last week, from a professional standpoint and explained to him that as a PR for his mother I advise her on how we handle her image. Many times I advise her against speaking out, however in this instance I found myself thinking less with my professional mind and instead speaking from a mother’s perspective.
Working with Chilli over the last seven years, I have seen Tron grow into an amazing kid that I love very much and it bothered me that I had nothing more to tell him than “ignore it” it will go away. Well the truth is, it hasn’t gone away and whileMediaTakeOut.com owner Fred Mwangaguhunga is a father himself, for some reason he finds nothing wrong with making personal attacks on celebrity children. MediaTakeOut.com constantly posts negative headlines on not just Chilli’s son, but also Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s children, Puffy’s twin daughters and even Jay Z and Beyoncé’s baby Blue Ivy. Yes celebrities are fair game in this entertainment industry, but at some point we must draw the line.  No one’s child deserves to be ridiculed by a public domain.
After the initial posts, the additional comments are horrendous from cowardly readers that enjoy spreading negativity. Can you imagine if this was your child experiencing this type of public ridicule on such a large platform? I’m sure many of you deal with your children being bullied at middle school or high school, but how would you comfort your child if they were being bulled by MediaTakeOut.com? Although these children have celebrity parents it doesn’t make them exempt from going through puberty or anything else that our children deal with. This is wrong and its time we spoke out about it. Please read Chilli’s letter below and if you agree with us, we ask you to sign the attached petition and help us get the word out.

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