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FSD Feature: Fatboi Fresh Presents: My Top 10 Chicago Producers

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Words by Fatboi Fresh (@1andOnlyFatboi)

Fatboi Fresh is a Chicago emcee, entrepreneur and freelance contributor for Fake Shore Drive. The thoughts and opinions expressed by Fatboi Fresh in this piece are his and his alone.

I just had to soak my laptop in rice all night. Why, you ask? Because last night when I tried to log on to Twitter, a million producer tears flowed out of my mentions like a faucet. Shame on you weak bastards! How could be mad at someone shedding light on a few talented producers who are grossly overlooked? (See: FSD Feature: Fatboi Fresh Presents: 10 Chicago Producers You Should Shop With) How did my list negatively affect how you get things done? Well, in the infamous words of Bill Duke: “You know you done fucked up right?”

Yep, you have completely messed it up for everybody you self-serving, praise-craving little cowards. I thought of about a million ways to do this list, but I decided to do it the fair way. But just for shits and giggles let’s say I did this the unfair way, and named my all time favorite Chicago producers. If I decided to go this way, do any of you realistically think you could out-produce the likes of Kanye West, No ID, Traxster, Dug Inf, Andy C, and a host of other producers that came before you crybaby kids? The answer is “hell no.” The fact is there are people that you dudes never even heard of that should be mentioned on a list before you spoiled ass post-digital recording era producers. I have a question: how many of you dudes know who Chicago producer Shakespeare is? The dude had like four multi-platinum singles before most of you cats were in junior high, and yet you’re telling me who should be on MY LIST?

Man GTFOHWTBS.  If I were to do an all- time Chicago producer list NONE of you dudes would make it. I know too much about Chicago music history to let you make it. I was going to snub everybody and shout the true legends but naah, nope. Today I’m going to let you and all my wonderful readers know where all you guys stand in my book, I mean since my opinion matters so much anyway. So, though I’m sure your inexperienced crybaby asses could do better… humor me.

Just so you can see where my head is at here is a whole list of producers I came up with that I will pick 10 from. In all seriousness, my 10 is based on whose beats I personally prefer combined with hit record placements. But I thought it would be nice to list all of the ones who I think are dope whether they make MY LIST or not.

Brian “All Day” Miller

Young Chop


Tony Baines


Rashid Hadee




Da Internz


David D.A. Doman



Sleepy Fox


DJ Mano a.k.a. M$M

Thelonious Martin

Nico (Kids These Days)



Tommy Skillfinger

Hearon Tracks

Mush Millions

Doc Da Mindbenda


Prime Meridian


Kenny Keys

Dough from the Go

Chase Davis

Now that you know what I’m working with, let’s get to it. And all the people that didn’t make this list it’s not cause you’re not that guy, it’s because I’m picking who I wanna pick. Got it? No read on.

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