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FSD Feature: Taylor Bennett: Family Affair

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Words by Charne Graham (@88nae88)

Taylor Bennett is a 17-year-old from Chicago’s West Chatham neighborhood. He attends Urban Prep High School and has to suit up everyday before class. He, like many teens his age, balances school, a social life and time with his family. Now, this all sounds normal until you realize Taylor has a budding career as a rapper. Oh, and his older brother just so happens to be the hottest new rapper on the planet. Anything but normal.

With Taylor’s career on the rise, we sat down with the emcee to talk about his plans for the future, and get clarity from a teenager wise beyond his years. Education and school — Taylor loves both, and plans to make both work in his favor. We caught up with Taylor after leaving a college fair at Navy Pier to talk about his style of music, his super parents, and his older brother Chance the Rapper. It’s truly a family affair.

So you’re thinking about college?

Yea, I actually am, Possibly in California — maybe Bradley.

At what point did you feel rapping was also something you wanted to take on?

I started rapping in the third grade, so I guess since I was a little kid. It’s crazy because most people have their idols from when they were younger who made them want to do something. I heard Nas’ “Memory Lane” when I was little, and he wasn’t my idol, but after I heard that I knew I wanted to start writing raps.

Was your family always supportive of you rapping?

Yeah, my Dad and my Mom come to almost every show of mine. My Pops always throws me money for studio time. They hook me up with street wear stores, they find management for me, and they’re basically the ultimate support team. They’re also are all about me excelling well in school, so I have super parents.

What about your brother?

Yeah, Chance has always been supportive of me rapping, and he’s always giving me pointers. He’s not so much of the out there kind of guy to say “Yo this is my brother he raps too,” but he’s always helped me and I’ve always looked up to him. I study him and a lot of his talented friends to help perfect my flow sometimes.

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