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A Wu-Tang Stan Reviews Drake's 'Wu-Tang Forever'

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Drake has never been one to disregard his predecessors. Respect is due to legends, and with his latest track to drop from Nothing Was The Same, Drake pays homage to hip-hop's greatest supergroup: Wu-Tang Clan. Only problem is, his nod to the Shaolin posse doesn't really recall Ghostface's esoteric slang or Ol' Dirty's slurred raps. Instead there's melodic singing, lethargic synths, and then some really boastful lyrics. It's actually pretty confusing. We cornered our resident Wu-Tang head—who, for the purposes of this review asked to be referred to by her Wu alias: Sugatits McGee—for an assessment of the track through the lenses of a true 36 Chambers fanatic. Once she momentarily turned down "Triumph," our unofficial Clanswoman had this mixed reaction to Drake's latest:

It’s a creative and pretty interesting flip of a Wu-Tang sample—”It’s Yourz,” from Wu Tang Forever—but as a proud Wu-Tang stan(ette) it is confusing as fuck to me, to be perfectly honest. I think I like it, because the beat is clearly my speed. But then to have a puss-ass dude rapping about pussy over it, well, that’s troubling for me. Especially when he jacks Raekwon’s “machine gun raps” line. Like, no. Your rhymes do not equal machine gun raps; Wu bangers have machine gun raps. But I guess I respect him for it a bit.

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