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Mac Miller Affiliate Busted With Heroin

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Hardo Facing Serious Drug Charges
6:00AM ET September 13th, 2013
Contributor : Martin James
A Rocky Williform Company

Mac Miller Affiliate Busted With Heroin

Mac Miller affiliate, rapper Hardo, could face drug charges after Wilkinsburg, Penn. police discovered him with heroin after a traffic stop. According to CBS, he was found with more than 250 baggies of heroin in his car.

The police say he didn't have an ID, and that his license is suspended. It is also alleged that Hardo attempted to flee, but police subdued him and tackled him to the ground. He claims that the car belongs to a hospitalized friend.

There were reports that Hardo recently signed a major deal with Atlantic Records, though the label told HipHopWired that there is no deal with the rapper.

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