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WTF? DMX Gets Naked And Run Laps Around Hotel!

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On your mark. Get Set. Ass OUT!!! According to TMZ, DMX was seen running laps NAKED around a Detroit hotel last weekend and it was all caught on hotel video.

I don’t know if DMX was feenin for something more then just attention or he just felt like streaking, but this guy has gone bananas. If he’s not impersonating an undercover cop or getting arrested for the 10000th time, DMX always make the tabloids for doing some foolery.

DMX’s many mugshots


The footage starts out showing DMX walking around the hotel hallways in his boxers, socks and a house arrest monitor bracelet while walking past the hotel employee removing room service from her cart. (I thought he was going to steal the food because homeboy looks really frail with his ribs touching his back).

DMX ass out in hotel hallway:


Next thing you know X just peep behind a corner with a mischievous grind looking like Dennis the Menace–drop his shorts–and bust out running faster then Usain Bolt ass naked down the hallways. After running his victory lap he return to retrieve his boxers and causally walked back to his room like nothing ever happen.

TMX reached out to X and asked What was the reason behind his fiasco….he replied “I felt like” doing a nudie run that day … adding, “Imnotashamedofanythingigot” (read: “I’m not ashamed of anything I got.”). What does he mean he’s not ashamed of what he has??? Are you working with a Monster X?? Hmmmmmmmmm

I guess not only is X is a rough rider, but now he’s a rough runner….If there were a naked Olympics, DMX will win the Gold Metal for USA…lol. OMG I got my laugh for the day. If Iyanla can’t help fix his life….No one can.

DMX is thee NUTS….Literally! 

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