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Has Love & Hip Hop’s Shay Johnson Always Been Loose & The Sex Tape That Proves It

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As the show goes on another season but in another city there are more scandals and lies that come with. With this story Shay “Buckey” Johnson has a sex tape out which re-leaked out a few days ago. With all the drama with her and Lil scrappy “baby moms” and her on the Kandi Koated show where Shay talks about her visit on the show and a week after “Baby Mom” gets on trying to pull of her style.

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But as for this video,that’s resurfaced it will set her down back a notch on the classy level and a boost on the trashy chain. In this 1 min and 39 sec video Shay is the vixen who has the mike and is working it well.  After a couple of minutes the other end gets its shine with the background music being “up coming sharks ahead”. If they wanted to set the mood right  they did it wrong, but Shay of course knew she was being taped because she glanced right at the target, so If she tries to deny it I think there is no shot of that happening.


Why is it that these women do these things but don’t do it safe, and do it a horrible trashy place that they say they will never caught dead in?  And what’s up with the guys they find? How do they find these little dick scum bags? It’s impossible to say you want a wholesome man that has money and that’s will treat you right but you bending over for a broke nigga they live with his moms and rides with his homeboy (definition of a scrub)?  They are being hypocrites about who they are and they are so quick to judge the next female that did the same thing they did in their deep dark past. And when the evidence comes to the light they get holy on you and start pointing fingers at others bring their business to light. We all know sex sells but damn I don’t like this type of sex and I won’t buy it “No Thank You”

buckeey (1)

-By Alwayzlost





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