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Alicia Keys Loves Rihanna

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''It's Not Easy To Stand Up In This Crazy World''
6:00AM ET June 20th, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Alicia Keys Loves Rihanna

In an interview with The Evening Standard, superstar Alicia Keys shared her admiration for fellow singer Rihanna. Keys says that she loves the fact that Rih-Rih doesn't apologize for being who she is.

" love her âstyleâ and her boldness, and the fact that she is, no pun intended, so unapologetic," Keys said. "But also, itâs such a tricky, crazy business, and when people are a little bit younger than me, Iâm always hoping that their soul is good âcause it can be such a soulless space. Whoâs really loving you and making sure that youâre OK? Because everybody wants to make sure youâre OK when they can get something from you, and theyâre getting a percentage from you. But they donât technically care if youâre OK. They just wanna make sure you can stand so you can go to work. So naturally I am always thinking about people and hoping that in this very soulless place they can find completion."

"Um. I donât know, because I donât know her personally like that," she replied when asked if she thought Rihanna had good people around her. "But I do know thereâs a lot of good people at Roc Nation [her management company]. And I do think that as we all get older, you start to be able to say, 'No, Iâm not gonna take that from you any more.' So Iâm proud of Rihanna. Because itâs not easy to stand up in this crazy world and make it and keep going and try new things. And find your way through it."

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