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Khia Disses Beyonce

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''You Will Never Give Up the Stealing...''
6:00AM ET June 19th, 2013
Contributor : Monica Coleman
A Rocky Williform Company

Khia Disses Beyonce

Khia is back--and she's taking shots.

Just when you think she's finally slid completely off of the pop culture radar, the one-hit wonder resurfaces on social media inexplicably firing off insults at more famous artists. Once again, the potty-mouthed rapper has opened fire on Beyonce.

"Because b*tches like @Beyonce aint checking for her Beyhive until she charges $2000 a ticket to watch her Tootsie roll the same routines..," she tweeted. "Just ask @Beyonce if im lying.. #oops my bad, shes too busy collecting yall coins for chicken dinners and Blu Ivy's college plan..."

"Woooooooo im scared of the Beyhive ????????????... All of you can stand in line to get swatted by Thugmisses like ya Motha Mammie Bey #should have..." she continued. "MISS me with that "her product is original" bullsh*t. I'll believe that when i can see that hoe name on @ least "1" of her writing credits.."

"We Roast We Gagggggggg!!" she continued. "I thought the "BeeHive" was @LilKim's team @Beyonce... Hmmmmm... you will never give up the stealing will you, sis... ????????????"

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