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WTF?! Watch This Hilarious Video of Shay Ranting About Erica Dixon

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What can’t be said about Lil’ Scrappy’s bottom hoe best friend, Shay “Buckeey” Johnson?

Watch: Shay Buckeey Johnson on Kandi Koated Knights

The woman whose notoriety stems from bravely shoving her tongue down Flava Flav’s mouth is persistent in talking shit about Erica Dixon.

Sidebar: A woman who can French kiss Flava Flav as well as allegedly sleep with him always gets the “You’re Liable To Sleep With A Homeless Man For Cash” side-eye.

But I digress.

Despite her desert thirstiness, her quest seems a bit futile considering 1) Lil’ Scrappy doesn’t want her–at least not publicly and 2) Erica Dixon makes it her mission to not acknowledge her.

With those glaring facts facing her, it still didn’t stop Shay from stopping by Kandi Koated Nights and allowing a stream of word diarrhea to flow out of her mouth.

For 1:04, Shay gives the most idiotic rant regarding Erica Dixon, a bodycon dress that every female owns, and a bunch other non sequiturs that can only be classified as childish–at best.

To say the least, she shares the same thinking patterns of a hormonal 13 year old girl.

But the most revealing piece of sound bite from Flava Flav’s favorite Bust It Baby™ was this gem that speaks volume on her concept of fame, likability, and entertainment:

“We had 3.9 million viewers compared to your 34,000. I guess you were pretty boring as always.”

Other absurd hilarious highlights:

“So many people called me, and told me she was trying to copy my style…”
Oh, really? And what style is that? Wearing a go-to bodycon dress that every women store in America sales?

“And I was pulling off the Shay BodyCon™ that I always do…”

Share your thoughts: What can be said about Shay that hasn’t already been said? Why is she so concerned about Erica Dixon?

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: RollingOut


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