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Review: Prince Sings About Rubbing On Ta-Tas On 'Ain't Gonna Miss U...'

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Prince rediscovers his inner nasty on his new Ledisi collabo

Here’s some advice: Don’t waste your time trying to figure Prince out. For well over 30 years, the mercurial music icon has reveled in confounding fans and critics with one shocking statement after another. In fact, he seems to get some twisted, eye-winking enjoyment out of it all. During the ‘80s, when Prince dominated that decade like a man possessed (soulful gruff vocalist Macy Gray once appropriately described the prolific artist that created such landmarks as Dirty Mind, 1999, Purple Rain, and Sign ‘O’ The Time as being eaten by the music monster). Was he black or white; straight or gay; sinner or new-age prophet? Who the hell knows? At 55 years old, he’s still playing head games on his latest single “Ain't Gonna Miss U When U're Gone,” a departure from his recent rock-centered output with his three-piece female band 3rd Eye Girl.

The swinging middle finger, which features the first-rate vocals of soul diva Ledisi, is the latest in a string of tracks that Prince has been delivering to followers for 88 cents on his website (Wait a minute! Didn’t Mr. Rogers Nelson declare a holy war on the Internet?!? More head games…). If you like your Royal Badness sexy, cocky, weird (kudos to the trippy, slowed-down vocals) with a slight touch of sleaze, give this a spin. This is sneering Minneapolis funk as Prince declares to an ex that has done him wrong, “If it wasn’t for me, you’d be a who…” The bass line slaps with the fury of a scorned lover as horns duck and jab over a synth groove that tongue kisses the Prince-produced 1982 Vanity 6 masterpiece “Nasty Girl.” And with a sneaky line of which the Purple Man speaks of rubbing on ta-tas, it seems like the Jehovah's Witnesses has re-embraced his Royal Badness mojo. More please.—Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)

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