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Mary J Blige’s Pregnant Stepdaughter Tweets She Is Homeless With No Help

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It seems like Mary J Blige has a lot to deal with these days.  As if her financial trouble wasn’t enough Mary’s step daughter took to Twitter yesterday and went in!  But she’s not the only one.  Kendu, Mary’s husband, fired some shots at a fan who came for him saying that Mary needed a new management team.  If you didn’t know Kendu,  Mary’s husband/manager,  fired Mary’s staff including her sister and replaced them with people he thought were better fit.  Fast forward to the present Mary is in the worst financial crisis she has ever been in.  Is her hubby to blame?


The funny thing is Kendu is now in the spotlight due to his daughter blasting him on Twitter.  Mary’s step daughter, Briana Latrise tweeted that she is pregnant and homeless with no help.  Here is what she tweeted.

“Straight A student living out of SOMEONE ELSE’S trunk lol. Still got no help. For the record, my dad told me a few yrs ago that all I had to do was finish school and I’d have everything.”

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After Briana saw that blog sites were all over the story she tried to clean the whole thing up with another series of tweets.

“Let’s define HOMELESSNESS::: My name isn’t on a lease… that means, I have no home of my OWN… That doesn’t mean I live on the street. I vented on twitter cause I felt like it. Didn’t expect it to be taken out of context or even paid attention to.”

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Briana also tweeted that she wanted to kill herself but quickly took that statement back as well tweeting that she has a “sick sense of humor,” adding that “there was no seriousness there.”

This isn’t the first time  Briana has vented on Twitter.  In 2009, she reportedly marked Father’s Day with this: “Somebody find my father so I can tell him Happy Donor’s Day.”  All that goes to say… Briana knew exactly what she was doing.  She probably just realizes that she will NEVER get any help now my creating a media backlash and is trying to save face with her parents.  I mean seriously, instead of handling her business she’s all up on Twitter!  And you can’t be that broke…REAL homeless people don’t have cell phones to tweet on.  So Briana, count your blessings and be grateful for what you have and more will come your way.  24hourhiphop.com will keep you and your soon to be bundle of joy in our prayers.



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