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Mac Miller Responds To Trump

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Rapper Issues Simple Reply To Mogul's Taunts
7:00AM ET May 31st, 2013
Contributor : Rayna Dean
A Rocky Williform Company

Mac Miller Responds To Trump

Mac Miller may be done playing around with Donald Trump.

Or at least, it looks like the Pittsburgh rapper has decided to not stop to the mogul's level.

Trump reignited his strange feud with Mac Miller this week when he tweeted that the hip-hop star may not sell many copies of his next album because he can't use Trump's name to drum up publicity. Miller released the single "Donald Trump" in 2011 and, despite praising the song initially, "The Donald" began a Twitter beef with the rapper.

Rather than go back-and-forth, Miller issued a very simple Twitter response to Trump this time around.

"@realDonaldTrump :-)," was all that he tweeted.

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