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DAYUM! K. Michelle Calls Out Mimi’s Boyfriend Nikko For Being Gay

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On an episode of VH1′s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, what started as support during Mimi’s video shoot(?) quickly unraveled into accusations of homosexuality when K. Michelle led the march into exposing Mimi’s boyfriend, Nikko’s friend Johnny as “an undercover” gay man.

Watch: K. Michelle Accuse Nikko & Johnny of Being Gay

Sidebar: Am I the only one whose confused that Mimi’s in a music video? Does she rap? Sing? Is she a video vixen? Seriously, when did she pick up a new trade?

But I digress.

Like the no-holds barred broad that she rightfully is, K. Michelle decided to lay all her cards on the table when she  1) explained her reasoning behind her tirade against Johnny, pointing out his questionable lifestyle and 2) threw Nikko in the mix as a undercover fun boy, too.

Say it with me, K. Michelle doesn’t give two fucks to the blind as her motto clearly seems to be the truth will give your blind ass vision set you free.

Like all memorable girl talk, it was ridiculously funny because her reasoning was deeply astute. Why are two men renting an apartment in Georgia, an area where rent is inexpensive? Why did both Ariane and K. Michelle’s main gays’ gaydar go haywire in Johnnie’s presence?

Once Nikko and Johnny entered–after eavesdropping, they both came for K. Michelle which as history has taught us is as pointless as trying to explain fidelity to Stevie J. She, of course, slayed them with the coolness of a jaded teenager.

Best line from the entire confrontation: “Focus my darling,” she said. “Get your Diddy on and bop.”

Other memorable revelation: “You have a roommate in Atlanta. Rent is not that high boo boo in Atlanta.”

Other hilarious commentary: “Don’t let me end your career,” threatened Nikko. “What are you going to do,” countered K. Michelle. (*Insert pregnant pause from Nikko here.*)

Share your thoughts: Do you think Nikko and Johnny are fun boys? If not, why didn’t either men flat deny being gay? Why wasn’t Mimi alarmed by her friends revelation?


Ariane 1ArianeK. MichelleMimi

Source: VH1


By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)


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