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Fellas What Would You Do: How Would You Have Reacted To Rasheeda’s Pregnancy?

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For husbands and wives, pregnancies tend to be news of joy. Unless of course, you’re Kirk Frost and your pregnant wife is Rasheeda of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Watch: Kirk Frost Depressing Reaction To Rasheeda’s Pregnancy

In what has to be the Most Revealing Pregnancy Announcement of All Time on Reality Television™, Kirk does an excellent job of 1) shaming his wife for having unprotected sex with him, 2) explaining that he’s tired of raising children, 3) actually questions her as to why she’d plan to reconsider parenthood, 4) being completely baffled that his wife felt the need to produce more of his off-springs considering they only have one child together, and other unbecoming things a man should generally not do in front of his pregnant wife.

As Rasheeda’s face twisted in the saddest mixture of shock, hurt, humiliation, and bafflement because her husband is literally crushed at the idea of them reproducing, Kirk sits across from her shaking his head in disbelief.

And if you thought he couldn’t get more insensitive to his wife’s needs, guess again. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Worst Reaction To A Married Couple’s Pregnancy™ straight from Kirk’s mouth:

Not only did Kirk say having a baby was bad timing, he blamed Rasheeda for the pregnancy. “That’s your fault […] cause I told you you should’ve kept taking your pills.” – Kirk

“Am I pregnant?” he asks.

“What part of bad timing is saying no?” You not being a team player…and it irritates the shit out of me.” – Kirk

“I’m ready to have a break.” – Kirk

He’s being very truthful with his last remark considering he was seen around Atlanta with Basketball Wives LA cast member, Bambi. I guess a married man can’t really take photos thisclose with single gals if he has to rush home to raise his newborn infant, right?

To which I ask, ‘Where is Deb Atney’s wisdom of gold when you need it?’ Mona Scott-Young really dropped the ball on adding her as a narrator or mediator as I’m positive she would’ve spoken Rasheeda’s inner monologue with the finesse of everyone’s trillest auntie who refuses to let her husband run her.

Share your thoughts!

Although Kirk has his concerns about having another child, do you think he could’ve been more sensitive? Since Kirk knew she stopped taking her birth control does he have a right to be mad? What’s Rasheeda’s responsibility in all this?

Kirk 1Kirk 2KirkRasheeda 1Rasheeda 2Rasheeda 3Rasheeda

Source: VH1 (more, more)

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)


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