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Gruesome Footage Of Two Men Shot Down By Police After Chopping A Soldiers Head Off – WACTH

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Two men from London were shot down by police after they singled out an off duty solider in Woolwich, London and ran him over with there car,One of the men has been identified as Michael Adebolajo.Surprisingly both men survived the shooting even though they were both shot several times.In the video below you can clearly see one of men charging at police with a knife and the other pointing a gun.The police wasted no time opening fire on the attackers who were airlifted to area hospitals for treatment.

Below you can see the footage of the two men as they approach police and are gunned down.

The footage below is a chilling statement from the man who is believed to be Michael Adebolajo who is holding a knife and a meat cleaver as he explains to the person holding the camera the reasons for his action.He stated “The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers” ,the man went on to say “remove your governments they do not care about you”.

The description below gives you a detailed account of how the horror unfolded and what is normally a quite London community.The two men identified the victim as a soldier because he was wearing a help for heroes shirt which is a charitable organization for serviceman.


There was also an eyewitness account from one man who could not believe what he was seeing and shared his experience via twitter.He went on to describe the men as being crazed and out of there minds as if they were on some sort of drug.He also stated that one of the men who had a gun finger was blown off as he the gun backfired when he fired at police officers.The London government is calling the attack cowardly and insane but will not cause panic in the community but instead bring the country closer together.

Also check out:Sandy Hook school shooting where 27 people were murdered mostly children


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