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Drug Kingpin Rick Ross Challenges rapper Rick Ross to Fight and talks about a Diddy Gay Se

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The Real Drug Kingpin Rick Ross talks Rick Ross and Diddy at the Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio show.

Freeway Ricky went all in on the rapper Rick Ross stating several things including “Rick Ross the Rapper and P-Diddy lip locked in a video” and probably did some “other stuff” behind the scenes.

”I saw them kiss one time. Somebody showed me a video of where they kissed. They was on stage and they hugged and put their lips together. I can only imagine what they do in private. Hopefully those tapes never get out because I know they probably film it!”

He also said when William Roberts (The Rapper Rick Ross) was a correctional officer he was a “Super Cop”, meaning he would go the extra mile to fuck with inmates. ”They said he was a Super Cop. They snoop around, dig, go through your dirty laundry looking at your underwear and all kinds of stuff to bust you to get points”

But the thrill of the evening came when the 53 year old former Drug Lord offered the rapper an open challenge to fight and give the money to charity. When Prezident Bejda asked him if he would fight the rapper this is what he responded….

“I would take him! If we do it for charity and if he wanted to go down and go in and we donate the money to some kids I would be willing to do that! Even though he is about 400lbs bigger than me that don’t mean nothing. He look like he bout to have a heart attack anyway with his big ole titties. His titties bigger than my girl’s titties. He said I look like I’m smokin crack! He looks like he one pork chop away from a heart attack!”

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