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50 Cent disses Dr Dre’s Beats by Dre Headphones

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As if controversy hasn’t either plagued or helped 50 Cents career, recently we found out about a recent video of the Hip Hop mogul. He recently stormed into a Core DJ’s retreat in Atlanta, and talks bad on his former mentor Dr Dre, and his Beats by Dre Headphone line. In addition to talking bad on Beats by Dre, he also throws the Beats by Dre headphones on the ground in a full room of Core DJ’s.


Sometime ago there was speculation that Dr. Dre and 50 Cent had some aggressive words when Dr Dre approached 50 Cent on helping him promote his Beats by Dre headphone line. Further go on to speculate that not only did Dr Dre not agree to some form of partnership, but the backlash from it not working out, also fueled 50 Cents desire to not only build his own headphone line, but to also become one of his leading competitors.

Obviously if your a fan of 50 Cent you will know he does not care to keep quiet with whats going on in his head, and even especially about people in his inner circle, he recently had bad words with his own boss Jimmy Iovine, and Interscope Records. Which later he gave a public apology.

Some people feel that these are several reasons why 50′s fourth studio album has been delayed for so long. Watch the video below and see for yourself…what do you think?



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