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Lauren London Talks Marriage

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''It's Awesome When It's Done Right''
5:00PM ET May 23rd, 2013
Contributor : Monica Coleman
A Rocky Williform Company

Lauren London Talks Marriage

Actress (and Lil Wayne baby mama) Lauren London opened up in this month's issue of VIBE Vixen about relationships and marriage. The actress says that she has to find someone that can "keep up" with her personality.

"I think itâs awesome when itâs done right," she said. "I donât think anyone is supposed to be alone, you know. Having a partner and having somebody that is with you through the ups and downs is awesome. Iâm all about connection. If I connected with someone and met a nice guy maybe, but I just havenât ran into that yet.[...]Iâm not dating at all. I donât know if Iâll have the time. But Iâm very fiery and sassy, so I need someone to keep up with that."

So what kind of man is she looking for?

"Grown, secure in himself and who he is, aware of what he wants and willing to learn and grow with somebody else," she added. "I think everybody is waiting for me to settle down and find him [Laughs]. Iâm really selective and picky."

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