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"Full House" Star Blasts Kanye & Jay-Z

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''He's Actually Comparing Himself To Jesus?''
6:00AM ET May 23rd, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

''Full House'' Star Blasts Kanye & Jay-Z

Kanye West's decision to name his upcoming album Yeezus isn't sitting well with everybody. One person a little miffed by Yeezy's name choice is former "Full House" sitcom star Candace Cameron-Bure. The devout Christian told "Sway In the Morning" that she would have a problem if one of her children brought home the album with that title.

"I would have a problem with that," Bure said. "That is way too close and so is 'Hova' for Jehovah. It bugs me, it totally bugs me. Listen, there are songs that I do like but can't support 100 percent because I have issues with that. There's a million other names out there and you could have chosen one that is not one letter off from Jesus. I mean, that's just a little too close. Come on."

"That's like he's actually comparing himself to Jesus? Really? Should any of us be doing that?" Bure added. "Maybe you should change your name to 'Uda!' I think it's more, it comes from a humility point of view. That I would be humbled enough for what Jesus did for me that I don't want to in any way try to elevate myself or put myself side by side. Because I'm humbled by his gratitude."

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