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Eve Talks About Raising A Family

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''I'd Rather Raise My Kids Globally''
7:30PM ET May 22nd, 2013
Contributor : Rayna Dean
A Rocky Williform Company

Eve Talks About Raising A Family

Eve has spent the better part of the last few years living in Great Britain, and the Philly native told Complex that she thinks raising a kid in Europe would be much better for them culturally than raising them in the States.

"I'd rather raise my kids globally than exclusively in the U.S." she said directly.

"There is so much culture and history in Europe. We have culture in the U.S. but you have to look for it," she added. "A lot of the kids I've met in Europe are more mature because they've gotten to travel. In an hour, you can be in a different country. I'm going to be one of those crazy parents who wants her children to speak three languages. They're going to hate me, but they will love me for it in the end."

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