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French Montana's Relationship Tips

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''Never Judge What A Woman Did Before She Met You''
6:00AM ET May 22nd, 2013
Contributor : Rayna Dean
A Rocky Williform Company

French Montana's Relationship Tips

French Montana spoke to Angela Yee about relationships and was asked how friendships can get in the way of who you're trying to date. Unlike many men, Montana acknowledges that your friends can sabotage a good thing.

"Friends always f*ck sh*t up, 'cause you never know when they're hating or looking out for you," he said, and admitted that his crew has messed him up in the past. "Of course they hate; they're the worst. As soon as they see her with somebody--especially a rapper--they got you pulling her aside."

Montana said he could care less about his woman's history--even if she had relations with his buddies Rick Ross or Diddy.

"Of course not. You can never judge what a woman did before she met you--she didn't know you," he says. "If she's still doing it after, that's a problem. But everybody got a past, you don't want her to start digging up yours."

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