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Macklemore Defends "Thrift Shop"

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''I Think That I'm Rapping My A** Off''
6:00AM ET May 22nd, 2013
Contributor : Martin James
A Rocky Williform Company

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have garnered widespread popularity and widespread criticism for their oddball hit "Thrift Shop." The duo spoke to XXL about the backlash--in particular, a New York Times article that questioned the authenticity of the duo's music.

âI think that the dude who wrote that probably hasnât listened to the whole album. When a song like âThrift Shopâ becomes a part of popular culture and soccer moms are bumping it and 5-year-olds are singing, âThis is f**king awesome,â itâs really easy to go in with a scalpel and dissect it and scrutinize the sh*t out of it,â Macklemore explained. âIf it was somebody else who made the song, Iâd probably do the same thing, particularly if it was two white dudes. But I still think âThrift Shopâ is a really great record. I think that the beatâs slapping, I think that Iâm rapping my a** off, and I think that it has a really catchy chorus, and those things came together and made a record that crossed over to pop.â

âOr on the flip side of that is looking to make what is current,â said Lewis. âThatâs why I think somebody like Kanye is absolutely phenomenal, because he continues to come out with something that nobody else has and he redefines what the standard is to an acceptable hip-hop beat or an acceptable cadence or subject matter. Itâs the reason why he is a trailblazer in the genre.â

âWhen you see people who have longevity in this industry, itâs people who reinvented themselves. Jay-Z, although Reasonable Doubt is one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time, Jay-Z hasnât made 15 Reasonable Doubts. Some people wish that he would, but people evolve, artists evolve, and music evolves,â Macklemore added.

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