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Azealia Banks Admits Social Media Mistakes

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''I'm So Full of Sh*t''
1:30PM ET May 21st, 2013
Contributor : Chris G.
A Rocky Williform Company

Azealia Banks Admits Social Media Mistakes

Azealia Banks looks like she may be re-thinking all of those Twitterfeuds she's become famous for. The notoriously brash rapper returned to Twitter this week, but showed a slightly more pensive side when discussing her online persona.

"Ugh, I'm like the nosiest person ever. I like CANNOT mind my business. . . . I love people too much.," she tweeted. "And I love talking. And hearing what people think."

"Trust that my intentions are always good. I'm just really aggressive. :(" she continued. "Aggressive because I care."

"I need to be more Assertive and less Aggressive," Banks pondered.

"Sike, I don really give a f*ck," she tweeted later. "I'm so full of sh*t"

"I'm so full of sh*t my eyes are brown."

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