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Lorenzo Asher – The Color Of Ignorance f. XV (Video)

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The Color of Ignorance: ignorance, being the perfect word to describe the stigma that plagues our nation with racism, classification, and homophobia to which has become far to acceptable in this day and age. The ever so concealed yet never ending battle of racial divide, and societal inequality is the theme propelling this visual love story of an African American boy, and Caucasian girl involved in a seemingly tabooed relationship. A flower blooms and dies in a metaphorical representation of the harm caused to mankind by said evils. HOPE is key here, for without it we are forced to endure the wounds inflicted by the sword of our harsh realities. There’s always hope, and though it poisons our souls, don’t let it go.

Lorenzo’s Liquour, Loud, Loyalty, Love drops later this spring.

PREVIOUS: Lorenzo Asher – Begin (Video)

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