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Need Tips!! Must Read!!

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I need some tips on getting dj gigs in the club. I've been djing for about 4 yrs. The kicker is I haven't been in my resident that long. So I don't know that many ppl, but I know a lot of djs. I'm sure these tips could help me and other djs as well. Oh and another thing, I know a easy way, but I don't wanna undercut a dj. I know djs who do this bullshit. I think the job should be based on the skill level.

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well if you know DJs already I would just ask them for help.

Ask them how they got on? Who should you call?

Do you have a demo or some mixing you've done? If not make one.

Also, just ask one of the DJs if you can open for him/her next time at a club. Just get there first, spin for 30mins or something and let the other person go.

You'll at least get to play and the club owners can see how well you moved the crowd/kept attention and you can go from there.

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