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Guest Gyant

Fiona Simone "Tomboy Fresh" [Audio]!

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Guest Gyant

Dope Record Alert : Fiona Simone "Tomboy Fresh" [Audio]!

Written by Gyant

Posted on February 10, 2009 12:48 PM


Last week I was telling you all about this new female MC in Atlanta who is AMAZING. Her name is Fiona Simone and she is the truth. Her flow is more then incredible, and her grind is unparalleled. And while, Souljah Boy considers his 'grindin' for a whole year to be impressive, Fiona has really grindin' to get her name out there for YEARS.

And since Lil' Kim is 'Dancing With The Starsmag-glass_10x10.gif' , Foxy is, well Foxy and Da Brat is prolly enjoying all the cat trap she can handle behind bars [you know its the truth], it looks like we need to ALL be looking to the next female MC who can take this game from the dudes.

Fiona is all about establishing a new movement - not just being another female wanna be rapstress. Her new song "Tomboy Fresh" is dope as f*ck and I most definitely pump my fists for MC's that go left when the rest of the world is going right.

While many females in hip-hop tend to lean more on sexual saturation then talent, Fiona embraces her inner Tomboy. So much so she even created a rhyme about it.

[Tomboy Fresh Here]

'I'd rather hang with bitches who act like niccas then to hang with niccas who act like bitches" - Fiona Simone.

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