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Common Inspired By Controversy

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''I Was Caught Up In This Political Crossfire''
4:30PM ET December 26th, 2011
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company

Common Inspired By Controversy

Common revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that his new album, The Dreamer/The Believer was partially inspired by the White House controversy that centered on the rapper back in May.

FOX News took exception to Common being invited to a White House event back in the spring, and Common says that it reinvigorated his desire to stay true to himself.

âDid the FOX News hoopla change anything that I was doing? I canât say that it did,â he explained. âWhen it first happened, I was really kind of wondering what was going on, because I was working on this independent film called Luv, and my friend texted me and said, âYo, donât worry about what theyâre saying about you.â I was thinking it was a rumor like I was dating this girl or that."

âI found out what FOX was saying and it didnât hit me personally,â he continued. âIt was just that I was caught up in this political crossfire, and I looked at it from that perspective.â

âThe irony is, I went even more in tune to what Iâm about and thought even more with me knowing that I was blessed to go to the White House and blessed to do my poetry at the White House and I still got invited throughout all the hoopla. I realize that Iâm a Hip Hop artist who has to express my freedom to speak and my style and who I am. I didnât censor my lyrics to say, âMan, if I say this, Iâm not going to be invited to the White House again. I wonât be accepted by these people.â I just really tried my best to stay true to who I was, and it really came out on this album.â

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