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Tattoo Artist Responds To Drake

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''This Drake Guy Actually Wants To Fight?''
6:00AM ET December 26th, 2011
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Tattoo Artist Responds To Drake

Kevin Campbell, the tattoo artist that gave an obsessed Drake the now-infamous forehead 'DRAKE' tattoo has responded Drizzy's claims to 'f*ck him up' when he sees him. Drake reacted angrily when he heard that Campbell called him a 'goofnugget' and the 'softest dude in hip hop.'

For his part, Campbell laughed off the quasi-beef.

"@ReeMuhh please say that Drake actually wants to f*ck me up. I will totally fight Drake. One on one. Tell him to name a time and place.," he tweeted. "Can anybody confirm that this Drake guy actually wants to fight?"

"@drake I'm a lover, not a fighter. PS Next to lovin', I like fightin'! I like fightin', it's excitin'!" he added. "Too funny! A dude who probably wipes his a** with 100$ bills actually cares about me calling him an R&B goofnugget is hilarious."

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