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PICS: Drake x The Weeknd x Noah ’40′ Shebib Working On “Take Care”

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Ruben_Take-Care_Toronto-2011-81-550x365.OVO just put up some pictures of Drake, The Weeknd, Noah ’40′ Shebib and the OVOXO crew during their studio sessions working on “Take Care”. Shot by Ruben Rivera.

Read more to check out all the pictures.

Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-88Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-46Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-27Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-81Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-34Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-92Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-43Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-41Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-76Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-37Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-60Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-98Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-44Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-56Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-5Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-35Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-49Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-58Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-9Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-50Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-19Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-55Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-30Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-4Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-31Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-2Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-90Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-57Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-11Ruben_Take Care_Toronto-2011-23

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