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  1. Some people wait their whole lives to find the Perfect Best Friend. She knew she’d be best friends with Aiden Cunningham the moment she set eyes on him. But staying friends through school is easy. A Lifelong Friend It’s what comes after that can make or break the deepest bonds Lovestory Novels On Amazon . Faced with the tumultuous trials of growing up in a confusing and sometimes cruel world, Isabella and Aiden must learn to navigate the unforgiving waters of adolescence while trying to keep their Love Life Us and lifelong friendship alive Hit Love Story Book. But they soon find themselves thrust into chaotic challenges that will test the strength of their friendship in impossible ways. Lifelong Best Friend As the world seems determined to tear apart their bond at the seams, these “best friends for life” must dig deep and find the strength to keep going . Love Story Novels To Read . . or Romance Love Story Books lose their connection forever Love Life Book On Amazon . Can Isabella and Aiden preserve their childhood bond against the odds? Or will they face the harsh truth that sometimes, no matter how much Romantic Love Story someone, you can’t save them? xayley rose author currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice but is passionate about writing. She love to Best Love Story Books To Read, draw, and spend time with her family in her spare time, Love Is Beautiful including being a mom to her tuxedo cat.
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