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    Ft Worth TX.
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    Music Producer/Artists/Dj/CEO Mindsetta Muzic
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    From. Houston TX. Was stationed in Columbus Ms. We’re I fell in love with the Mississippi/Memphis sounds. My inspiration comes from pain. And the people who didn’t believe in me.
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    Production/ Filming and Editing

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  1. If u need clean. Hit me up. damindsetta@gmail.com

  2. Yo hit me up damindsetta@gmail.com

    for clean Version. ?

    1. Da Mindsetta

      Da Mindsetta

      I’m having trouble logging into my account I have to change my password every time is becoming a pain in the ass

  3. Saying wussup. I appreciate the feedback. I appreciate ya for spinning my song. Thx. ???

  4. I appreciate. All the love Dj’s. Keep dropping it on there heads. ??? I’m having problems Dj’s singing in to my account to leave feedback. I have to change my password every time I log in. If u need drops. I can get them. To u. ASAP. HIT ME UP AT damindsetta@gmail.com. I got u. Y’all helping me so I got y’all. FRFR. ?
  5. I appreciate y’all FrFr. ??. Without The Dj’s. Love. Ur Music Is Worthless. ?.
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