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    Roze Gold was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, the fourth of six siblings. Although growing up was rough, she always kept her creative mind going, being secluded and deep in thought. While most kids were outside playing, Roze Gold would be inside her room thinking about her life. Roze Gold was constantly surrounded by music, which shaped her life and influenced her decision to create her own music.

    Roze Gold’s grandmother brought her up in the apostolic church, where she grew up practicing the Christian faith. She developed a love of dance and became a praise dancer and even choreographed praise dance routines for church services.

    Heavily influenced by the music artistry of Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott, Lauryn Hill, and Beyoncé, she began rhyming at 16 and showcasing her skills to her friends, family and whoever else who would listen. Early on, she was in a few groups including the group “Tru Saxx”, who worked together for a few years before splitting due to creative differences. It was then that Roze Gold decided to follow her dream of being a hairstylist, but music was never too far behind.

    In 2016, Roze Gold was rocked by the tragic loss of the father of her two children, and it was then that she decided life was too short so she began aggressively pursuing her music career. That same year, she recorded her first song “Bluffing” and remembers being in awe and feeling right at home in the recording studio. She describes her music style as “Trap R&B” Hip Hop. Roze Gold is currently completing her music projects and familiarizing herself with local up and coming artists and can even be heard on some of their projects.

    “In order to win, you gotta focus on YOU and not the others” -Roze Gold
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