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    London based radio DJ, host and voiceover artist. Enjoy all genres of music and current affairs.
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    Currently host a music and talk show on Mysticradiolive.net

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  1. Hey DJs! I've just updated my website to offer 25 pre-recorded drops for only $20 I'm a London female DJ so if you're looking for something fresh to add to your sets or mixes then check it out. This package also includes a few drops with a Caribbean flavour, making the deal truly unique. Link below http://http://bit.ly/1Ryuky4 Thanks Chantel'e ThanTt
  2. Hey! I'm a radio dj/host and voiceover artist from London and I've been requested to record jingles drops etc for jockeys all around the world. Why? Because I have a sexy signature voice that perfectly blends mixtapes, shows, stations and recordings. If you're interested please visit my voiceover website. I offer custom and affordable services. Please feel free to follow up with any questions or enquires. Thanks Chantel'e
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