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    Every one born into this world has their own destiny to fulfill. Marcus Ray Walker II learned early in his life that his fate was within music. He has created quite a name for himself through rapping. He has been performing for audiences for the past six years. He gained a lot of support and fans all across the city of Pensacola Florida, and from that day forward he would be known to everyone as DredHead. The tracks involved everything from club life, to up beat songs, songs for the ladies, and just real life topics. As a result of the outcome of the mixtape, DredHead was featured in Florida State University's campus newspaper, had a photo shoot with Edge Magazine, performed on Florida A&M and Florida State University campuses, and also started performing at the local clubs. DredHead's greatest influence to do music was his father, Marcus Walker Senior, because he rapped and also was a disc jockey. The performer, DredHead, has a very versatile style and loves to try different sounds with his music and words. He stands out because he never tries to portray an image of something he's not, and he straight up keeps it real. To contact DredHead, you can email him at therealdredhead@gmail.com.
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