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    Shreveport, LA.
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    Music marketing and Film Production
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    Larry Brantley Born in 1972,Shreveport, LA. has a spotlight cast not only among entertainment executives but is soon to become a business mogul as well.
    Founded Larry Brantley Group, LLC.at age 39; founded Platnium Records Group, LLC. record label Shreveport Home Base Indie label, 2010; started Platnium Films, 2012;Producer and director of CW21 Hit TV Show Streetfame TV Series, 2011 produced and released hip-hop artist, "ISA" hit single," Moving Like Berney,"which is currently voted song of the decade and is very popular and climbing the charts in such places as China, Italy, Europe, UK and other countries worldwide.
    Larry Brantley goal is to sell not just records, but to market a culture. With a diverse spread of film interests, and other marketing tie-ins, in addition to being a Martial Arts Expert, voted Business man of the year by Who's Who Magazine, Larry HOTDOG Brantley has become one of music's most potential moguls. As CEO of Platnium Records, the Platnium film division, and the Larry Brantley Group, He is a true example of hard work, sacrifice and success. "Trust GOD with your life and nothing is impossible." Quoted Larry HotDog Brantley
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    Entertainment, Martial Arts
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