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  1. Nicki Minaj - Super Bass (Produced By Kane)

    lovin the super clean version! Thanks!!!
  2. Definitely going straght onto the current playlist! Hot!
  3. Verse Simmonds Ft. Kelly Rowland - Boo Thang

    Smmmmoootthhhh spinning this for sure!
  4. Definitely one for the playlist...... multiple plays!
  5. Will spin this for sure! Nice chilled track!
  6. Lloyd - Cupid (Produced by Awesome Jones aka Polow Da Don)

    Yeah! One to vibe with your gal to
  7. CJ Hilton Ft. Nas - So Fresh (Produced by Salaam Remi)

    catchy flow will spin this to gauge reaction
  8. Erykah Badu - Ummmm Hmmm

    Yeah! catchy flow and production!
  9. John Blu - Nicknames / In Love With Your Booty

    nice tracks will spin them for sure!
  10. Yeah! Feel good music! spinnin it for sure!
  11. real smooth! will spin this for sure! keep them coming!
  12. RecognitioN - Scratches

    Nice groove! will spin this for sure!
  13. Johnta Austin - The Angel Is Mine (Stargate) (FULL)

    nice track will spin it for sure!
  14. Khalil - Girlfriend Ringtone

    going straight to air! target demographic on my radio show will feel it for sure!
  15. K. Michelle - I Just Can't Do This

    smooth! going straight on air!!!