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    Hernando, Mississippi
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    Playing and watching basketball football and listening too music
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    JR3AL Tha Realest
    Im jus tryin too tell my story most can relate sum dnt to tha dnt idgaf its my book. im jus ay small town boy frm Mississippi who sees tha bigger pic that's why I no imma be big and end up in new York city. cause aint tryin to be no frame I wanna be noticeable lik mona lisa. im doin this for my ma I wanna get here out her and my sister, family etc. and imma show them that im not no failure. my bro told me tha downfalls bein out here he in that cell he know and he told me tha real that's why I know im going too tha top like x by any means imma put myself on
  • Interests
    Basketball Football and making music
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