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    musical learning
    In principle I learned to suonre an acoustic guitar according to the settings of your fingers on chords through a manual of guitar at the age of 15 years. Change immediately the ropes Nilon to metal ones.
    I learned rhythmic pieces of groups such as: Cheap Trick; Ramones; I have to; Lou Reed; Bob Dylan.
    I've never had a familiarity with the arpeggio but always played with a plectrum.
    I listened to songs that followed my brother.
    In middle school I entered with some classmates to form a free group. The name was Crack Trion (means nothing). There were three: low (Daniel Scarano), rhythm guitar and vocals (I) and solo (Alberto Floris) and battery (used books and pens). He later joined a drummer who had built the battery with various elements. None of us was good, belonging Floris. Acuna songs I had composed myself. For various reasons of misunderstanding was excluded from the group (out of tune).
    Then they gave me an electric guitar craft brand Pellini (photo).
    I Collaborated with various groups in Orissa as a soloist and composer.
    I played parts of U2; Simple Minds; Spandau Ballet; Pink Floyd; Ivan Graziani; Brian Adams; cult; Fear.
    I moved to Turin to work I have put into their
    Music composed by Roland D20 keyboard, sequenser QY20 Yamaha electric guitar with delay effect Maison Boss and amplified with Peavy (amplifier distortion effect). Using Cubase and Magic Music Maker
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