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    Hi my name is Robin Knuttel. I'm 39yrs old & live in Cape Town South Africa. Up till the age of 14yrs I excelled in sports and received my national colours for show jumping. Then the night of June 30th 1990 I broke my nek in a motorbike accident that left me paralysed from nek down. But fortunately it's only my right arm and hand that have remained paralysed. It's been a long hard journey. I owen a 26 wheeler truck and trailer which I use to drive myself. Then 6yrs ago began to suffer from chronic nerve pain in my right hand which is debilitating and I'm unable to work. In February 2014 while in bed one day I discovered a application for creating music and I have found that creating music helps keep my mind off the pain and hopefully will give me a new lease on life the music I create is a mixture of Trance,Trance house Tech house,Techno,Funky house, Ambient & Chillout. You can listen to & download my tracks by going to http://soundcloud.com/robin-kn-ttel or following links from my tweets on Twitter @rockingrob74 if you like a track please let me know by clicking on the heart icon and follow me so I can notify you when I post new tracks
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