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  1. Wassup Ya'll. Been gone for a minute back in Indiana, need to check my top 50 songs with other DJ's in the area. Got some gigs coming up that are primarily for the black community. Pretty sure for the most part that I'm set, but don't wanna miss out on anything, so lemme know what your top 10/20/30 or whatever songs are. Appreciate it
  2. To all my Skratch Fiends.

    Where you at? And if your in Austin, TX, where you at x2?
  3. Whenever someone comes up to me with some wack ass shit like "this DJ will do it for free" I always say go get em then. 95% of the time the party is wack due to the DJ, and then everyone loses cept me.
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  5. DJgooza1@gmail.com DJ Gooza