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  1. Retweeted eOne Music (@eOneMusicUS): Next week @wyclef returns to #NYC! Get your tickets now to see him perform... https://t.co/MUYRuQWnqu

  2. Retweeted XXL Magazine (@XXL): These albums were game changers: https://t.co/YlRzoNSpRa https://t.co/RwBRumVF26

  3. Is It Just Me Or Is Black Females Are Looking A Lil More Attractive Then Usual

  4. Sometimes U Don't Know What Ya Mean To Ya Niggaz Or What Ya Niggaz Mean To U Until Its To Late #real #life #shit

  5. Everyday When I Wake Up I See Around Me The Same Thing Desperates still King Different Year Same King, That Bitch Can't Rule No G #highlife