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    Richmond, VA
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    Establishing my own network and inner circle to support my music and push my movement in the right direction.
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    VENOMONTHETRACK real name Charles Ray Douglas Jr. was born in Dallas, Texas on March 3, 1990 immediately after birth he relocated with his mother to her hometown; Portland, Oregon on the West Coast. After about a decade he finally came back to Dallas in 1998. VENOM grew up around music with his grandfather, father, and uncles being DJs at clubs in the 80s and 90s. He attended Texas Southern University on a track scholarship then soon transferred to Grambling State in Louisiana after Hurricane Ike devastated Houston. VENOM feels music gets into a person’s soul while affecting their emotions and decisions in life. VENOM grew up listening to Swishahouse which once had his favorite artist under their label at one point Chamillionaire. He has also worked in concerts for crew staff for many artist like Sir Charles Jones, The Whispers, Lakeside, Yung Nation, Black Superman, and Dallas Reggae Festival (2011).
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  1. True determination is a fire that never goes out!

  2. Temptation is a great adversary!