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    Born and raised in Port Arthur(TX). I've been experimenting with music since a child. From singing in my youth choir (Greater Macedonia Baptist Church) to performing at talent shows in elementary school and junior high school (Benjamin Franklin and Woodrow Wilson) to playing in the marching and concert bands (Woodrow Wilson and Abraham Lincoln). My life has been consumed with music in some way for over twenty years! I started writing rhymes at the age of 15 and recorded my first "16" at the age of 17. Averexx & Beat Masta Wes aka "The Harris Brothers" gave me the opportunity to record back in '98 and along with my big "bro" Wink Dawg I've recorded over 50 songs! Today I'm still at it after a 7 year hiatus and I'm more focused! I'm confident, humble and prepared to give this "rap gain" one more shot! So be on the lookout for Melv G aka "Prince of the Trill" and $teady Fetti Entertainment! One Love!
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    Music, sports, reading....
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