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    Being born with the celebration of different main set of musicality, been coincidentally united by the same place, daily activities, and bundle of urge playing our varying genres, we have finally formed a solid formation after fighting each other, matching against mouth, passing through all wrangles, personnel reformation, we call those “teen’s spirit goes up and down”. So now Tubagus Sumantri a.k.a Bhe plays guitar and sings to pump the crowd and boosts his fellows’ confident. He is also a good man of letters. Eki, is a well-recognized man acts charmingly hushing everyone gets near him, and tries to be “a ringing the bell drummer”. Akbar, is an enigmatic, he doesn’t have any good talent at any instrument, but he beats every single paucity that chokes him off (he is none wannabe). Akbar plays bass and heals his fellows’ confidence. Bernadine plays keyboard with her adroit fingers, she plays like an ocean wave. Spring Sun is influenced by assorted musicians and bands such as Cinematic Sunrise, Tom Jobim, Chiodos, Anthony Green, John Lennon, Paramore, Circa Survive, Dustbox, Rufio, and so forth, we play fling with pleasure how we tend to be. Hopefully we shall be as well famed as they are every past, now, then, and forever.

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