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  1. I was a Kid when this Happened it was so tragic when it happened now years later as an Adult I… https://t.co/GLe3QFr4lT

  2. Facts: Because, I'm part Native American Cherokee to be Exact* #Nativeamerican #Civilrights… https://t.co/yMLCPr1CDn

  3. "@MsBadGirlShanae: I want someone who feels lucky to have me.

  4. RT @aaliyahkardash: I type the way i speak. U will only understand if u spoke to me

  5. I've been working so hard I haven't had a chance to be myself lately*

  6. "@JazzyTaughtYOU: Workin for Amazon was dangerous Packaging all those electronics had to stop myself from getting sticky fingers lol" Thief*