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  1. RT @The_Cole_Tubre: I hate to see people fall back into unhealthy things.

  2. RT @MURDERBRAVADO: I just wanna make clothes

  3. Make a soundcloud. NOW homie

  4. "Life's tough, but it's tougher when your stupid" John Wayne says don't be stupid. It'd be stupid to… http://t.co/Dairv5rw5B

  5. RT @oowiggywiggyoo: Check out my homie @Monklin_1 's new song. Help him get 300+ veiws within 24 hours. http://t.co/1k8fo25mg4

  6. RT @Thomas_Cyrs: Long days longer nights

  7. Wrong link. This is the last one mad love guys. http://t.co/XzxRrAUsfo

  8. I gotta get over 300 views before tomorrow. Help me out. http://t.co/XzxRrAUsfo

  9. RT @CassieWindham: Thanks for calling me stupid Pecore