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    My mission in life is simple and it is true. And that is simply to LOVE SOMEBODY. No matter the color of their skin. No matter who they are or where they have been. No matter whom they chose to be with. No matter how less they have. Or how much a person has. No matter your beliefs. I LOVE YOU, plain and clear. I want to make the whole world a better place, if you need hope, answers to today's issues, or help to deal with past trama I can help you.

    Before I die and leave this earth. I hope to leave behind my works, poems, music of different genres, plays, books, and two movies. THE CRY OF VIOLENCE and I WANT YOUR SOUL. I hope to inspire the world through these works that they will forever touch, motivate, make one think, change their mind set, bring love and Inspiration is to all of mankind for the good.
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    Welcome to our site:

    Rosetta Walker, born in Newport News, Virginia. Has overcome being abused, she suffered a rape that nearly took her life. At one point she lost everything she had through a natural disaster and had to start over. And has gone on to become the Owner and CEO of Walker Records Production and RD Walker Publishing BMI opened in 1996.

    She is a member of The Recording Academy & Voting Member of the Grammy Awards. Member of Worldwide Who’s Who and a member of CEO Space. She wrote three songs for Late Actor Roy Stuart. (of the Gomer Pyle Show) One on his CD “On Broadway-2002” “I’m Giving You A Piece Of My Heart” and two songs on his Christmas CD, entitled” Glad Tidings” and “I Want You Here With Me This Christmas”

    Author of “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” She is a Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Author, Child Activist, Actress & Evangelist -Motivational Speaker. A spoken word CD, Host of her own Radio Talk Show for one year.

    She wrote her first song at age 10. And was writing poetry by age 11. Walker starred in a play she wrote “Real Love”. Her single "REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE" which peaked #9 The Australian Indie Gospel Radio Charts and was a 2010 Grammy Entry for Best Short Form Music Video 52nd GRAMMY AWARDS "REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE" Produced by: DOC THE HIT MAN HOLIDAY PLAZ/MEGA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS.
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