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    Just trying to make my time useful on this world so I decided to become a artist so people can hear me out .
  1. My new sounds: Mikey Mike - Lockjaw (Freestyle) https://t.co/b0jFkPfLcy on #SoundCloud

  2. A close friend or associate might do something that is totally... More for Capricorn https://t.co/TvePvBjSiL

  3. Although you may have a core of strong spiritual beliefs, you ... More for Capricorn http://t.co/iMlHDiXH3P

  4. I need Jesus & sleep

  5. RT @nydadddy: why would she do that

  6. RT @_TheLifeOfKiona: They tell you to be yourself then they judge you

  7. RT @Mondfrisky: God has been so good I just can't tell it all!!

  8. I say mean things out my mouth so what .

  9. Tom Ford- Tev & Mikey Mike by Michael Washington 12 http://t.co/LWXont6BTM on #SoundCloud

  10. We shall overcome some day .