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    I'm a 17 year old producer who loves music and chilling or working in the studio. I been making beats for about 2 years now and i been into music for about 6 years and i'm ceo of #TeamDream #WeDoingIt and im running after my dreams to become and well known producer and one of the best
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    Track & field music
  1. producer life or a engineer life >>>>>>>>>>

  2. god if you trying to tell or show me something can you just tell me plz

  3. astro new song coming soon we just finished the main vocals on it #TeamDream #WeDoingIt

  4. sometimes i wonder to my self q why are you doing this

  5. RT @Yung_FLY_Kid: Look at me now x Lil Snupe

  6. i see what some rappers be talking bout lost it all or lose it all

  7. RT @TeamRunner4Life: Big things have small beginnings.

  8. its vibing in the studio right now

  9. off here for a lil bit boutta eat get my self together for a wonderful day